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The team

Sisco Sapena

Sisco Sapena Chief Executive Manager

He studied Technical Agricultural Engineering, specialising in Horticulture and Gardening at the University of Lleida and post graduate in Telematics at the UPC.

He is one of Spain Internet pioneers and passionate about new technologies. Sisco is taking around the world for over 20 years, always focusing on innovation. Nowadays is the largest shareholder and CEO of

Arrate Usandizaga

Arrate Usandizaga Chief Administrative Officer

Master in finance and accounting from the University of Deusto and Graduate in Administration and Business Management.

Due to her experience in; Arrate is the right person to define and to manage the accounting policy of the company. Her remarkable organizational and managements skills are key for Administrative Department.

Manuel Gallo

Manuel Gallo Chief Operations Officer EMEA

Manuel contributes to the project with his extensive domestic and international experience, having studied Engineering and Computer Science, as well as Executive MBA at Babson College.

His most recent professional experience takes place in the international framework for Novell Inc., VeriSign Inc., Jamcracker, S21sec, Al Fahad Security, NEC Europe and NEC Middle East, specializing in new business development and “Go to Market” strategies with Telecomm Operators and Services Providers in both public and private sectors around the world.

Beatriz García

Beatriz García Head of Interconnection Officer

With 12 years of experience in Telecommunications, Beatriz is Bachelor of Science in Telecommunication Engineering and Computer Science from the Polytechnic University of Catalonia and TU Delft (The Netherlands). She graduated in Management Development IESE Munich-Barcelona.

She worked at Orange España and later in Deloitte as IT auditor. In 2008 she joined at the Routing Department. She enhanced her responsibilities in 2014 when she was appointed Chief Interconnection Officer to develop and to execute Interconnection strategies. Currently she is responsible for redefining the business strategy of the SMS business line.

Pablo Gracia Betorz

Pablo Gracia Betorz Chief eLatam Officer

Graduated in Labour Relations at the University of Murcia, postgraduate degree in Labour Law and MBA in Finance and Markets from ISPTB.

His career has always been linked to the financial sector. With over 10 years of experience in corporate and small company baking services, he has get a deep knowledge about project finance and investments. He will be responsible for expanding in Spain, Latam and to manage investors relations.

Andrea Chordi Garriga

Andrea Chordi Garriga Chief HR Officer

Master in Human Resources and Labour Relations at IL3 (University of Barcelona). Trained in Family Constellations and NLP (Neurolinguistic Programming) by the Gestalt Institute, Barcelona.

Solid background in the recruitment of IT staff and human capital development in corporations and multicultural environments. Permanently committed to the strategic role of Human Resources and its supporting role in any process of transformation and / or change.

Jordi Ramón Piñol

Jordi Ramón Piñol Chief Technical Officer

Higher Technical Certificate in IT Development and Management Information Systems.

Professional Analyst Programmer with over 15 years of experience in the development of mobile messaging servers for multiple protocols and communication certification processes. The aim of the Technical department is to conceptualize solutions and to use strategies focused on technological advances and breakthroughs.

Jordi Figueras Ramon

Jordi Figueras Ramon Chief Project Officer

MSc degree in Telematics by the UPC, and graduated in Electronic Technical Engineering from the UPC

He founded Conexis, one of the first Internet Access Providers in Spain,while studying his last year at the University. Since then Jordi has grown with Internet and Internet with him, managing international IP networks, managing Tier III and IV data centers, leading development and programming teams, auditing university security standards, companies and administration, managing multiple cyber security projects, implementing cloud computing, ISO regulations, etc.

Eva Pané

Eva Pané Chief Customer Service Officer

Law degree from the UAB, Legal Practice Graduate at UAB and Master in Law and New Technologies by ESADE. CESCOM® Compliance Certification

With over 10 years of experience in the IT area, Eva leads Customer Service Department. She is also in charge of the regulatory compliance of the company.

Ignacio Javier Martínez Robledo

Ignacio Javier Martínez Robledo Chief Intellectual Property Officer

Graduated as an Industrial Engineer after spending one year in the Netherlands where he also studied "International Business and Marketing Studies" and with a postgraduate degree in Engineering in England, Ignacio joined the European Patent Office for 9 years where he was engaged in the fields of electronic-physics. He also attended the academy of patent examiners of the EPO in The Hague and in Munich. He returned to Spain and for over 10 years he worked in one of the leading industrial property agencies where he was responsible for the ICT patents.

He joins to lead the IP portfolio, to boost it and to develop it into a wide effective tool for the company business strategy.

Eduard Salla

Eduard Salla Chief Business Development Officer

Technical Engineer in Computer Systems at University of Lleida, and currently undertaking and Master’s Degree in Open Software offered by Open University of Catalonia (UOC).

With over 5 years of experience, Eduard developed his final degree project in the field of human computer interaction. His knowledge and training in online marketing highlights his professional goals in acknowledging customer’s needs in order to provide flexible, intuitive and tailored solutions, thus making the process of digital transformation simple and effective.