About us

The first registering operator

The first registering operator

Lleida.net was created in 1995 to offer Internet access. Ten years later, in 2005, the company underwent an important transformation and obtained the authorisation of the “Comisión del Mercado de las Telecomunicaciones” (Commission of the Telecommunications Market) to offer services as a telecom operator. That is how we became pioneers in providing services as an SMS operator. Closely monitoring our clients’ needs, we continued to innovate and developed the concept of registered electronic communications, making SMS and email messages legally binding documents. And we have developed a series of complementary services, which allowed us to give our clients’ communications an extra added value.

We are strategically positioned to adídress the world, from US to South Africa, India and the Philippinesá

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As provider of electronic communications, our mission consists of providing companies, public administrations and private users with secure, trustworthy, efficient and profitable electronic communications that will directly help to improve their results. We innovate in order to meet the needs of our clients, provide our shareholders with growing and sustainable profitability and foster the professional development of our employees.


To be the leading international operator in the market of registering electronic communications, and to be able to deliver services that are recognised as industry standards. We want to give society new ways of communicating that will facilitate and improve relationships between people and change traditional communications processes into services adapted to the new technologies.



Commitment, professionalism, efficiency and teamwork.


From clients and society based on providing the highest level of service and quality and the greatest guarantees of security and efficiency.

Sustainability and responsibility

From a company with responsible growth, which looks after the interests of its workers, promoting their personal and professional development and balancing work and family life.


In the use of services adapted to the needs of the whole of society without any physical, sensory or any other types of barriers.