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Buy SMS and Registered electronic messages

SMS and Registered electronic messages Buy

Select the number of registered messages you want to buy. When Sending one Registered email or Registered SMS a message is sent, however two messages are sent for a Registered SMS contract or a Registered email contract, since we certify both the proposal and the reply.

Select the number of credits you want to buy.

At, you pay for what you use, there are no joining or subscription fees and your purchases do not expire


25 Registered messages
  • Send 25 notifications
  • or
  • Sign 12 contracts


100 Registered messages
  • Send 100 notifications
  • or
  • Sign 50 contracts


250 Registered messages
  • Send 250 notifications
  • or
  • Sign 125 contracts


495 Registered messages
  • Send 495 notifications
  • or
  • Sign 247 contracts


995 Registered messages
  • Send 995 notifications
  • or
  • Sign 497 contracts

14.29 €

100 credits

35.72 €

250 credits

71.43 €

500 credits

142.85 €

1000 credits

714.29 €

5000 credits
* VAT not included

For larger quantities, call us at (+34) 973 282 300.

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250 Registered messages · 250 euros


Payment method: Credit Card

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