Registered electronic communications

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Documentary evidence of sending and receiving

Electronic notification

Registered email

Email that can be used as evidence before a court of law.

Registered SMS

Text message that can be used as evidence before a court of law.


Electronic communication certifying the opening of the communication.

Openum eIDAS

Qualified electronic delivery service


Protecting Trade Secrets

Registered inbox

Registration of incoming emails. A mailbox that registers incoming emails, including attachments, and sends a certificate.

Registered invoice

Send invoices via Registered email.

Pay per use. No registration fees. No expiration date.

As simple as sending an email.

Sign documents and contracts

Click & Sign

Online contracting platform for everyone.

Registered SMS contract

Close deals by Registered SMS. We generate a certificate with the proposal and the acceptance.

Registered email contract

Close deals by Registered email. We generate a certificate with the proposal and the acceptance.

eKYC Onboarding

Validate and verify your clients’ identity by video conference. Integration with Click & Sign

GDPR solution

We help you meet the new GDPR

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SMS solutions and VoIP


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2 Way SMS

Interact with your customers with 2 Way SMS


Application to peer traffic

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Trends in biometric identification 16 September, 2021

Trends in biometric identification

With the development and use of new technologies, different methods of fraud have also spread in the identification of individuals concerning their interaction with other companies or individuals. Security is a fundamental element for companies such as banks and telecommunications companies and customers, and biometric facial identification, among other trends, has become one of the leading methods. This post tells you what biometric identification is, the trends in biometric recognition and the most common applications of this technology.
Vilar Riba renovates its registered communications 7 September, 2021

Vilar Riba renovates its registered communications

Grupo Vilar Riba is engaged in global consultancy services for tax, legal, consulting, auditing, and labour companies. It is based in Vic and has offices in Barcelona and Puigcerdà, it comprises more than 130 professionals with 30 years of experience in the sector. The company has long been committed to providing the best possible solution to its customers' needs. Besides, they were aware that important notifications represented a potential point to find a more effective response to what they had at that time. All these communications were sent by traditional burofax before using's service.
Smart contract: trends in digital contracting 27 August, 2021

Smart contract: trends in digital contracting

The contracting process has been evolving significantly over the last few years; think about how you sign a contract to change your mobile phone company now and how you did it a few years ago. Many companies are still signing physical contracts, but others are turning to Smart Contracts and other digital contracting trends that dramatically change how business-to-business agreements are entered into. Here we tell you what a Smart Contract is, how it works, cases in which it can be used and other trends in digital contracting.