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Documentary evidence of sending and receiving Electronic notification

Registered email

Email that can be used as evidence before a court of law.

Registered SMS

Text message that can be used as evidence before a court of law.

Registered invoice

Send invoices via Registered email.

Registered inbox

Registration of incoming emails. A mailbox that registers incoming emails, including attachments, and sends a certificate.


Electronic communication certifying the opening of the communication.

eKYC Docs

Get the evidence of the documentation your client sends to you. Validate ID cards or passports.

At, you pay for what you use, there are no joining or subscription fees and your purchases do not expire

As simple as sending an email. Sign documents and contracts

Registered SMS contract

Close deals by Registered SMS. We generate a certificate with the proposal and the acceptance.

Registered email contract

Close deals by Registered email. We generate a certificate with the proposal and the acceptance.

Click & Sign

Online contracting platform for everyone.

eKYC Onboarding

Validate and verify your clients’ identity by video conference. Integration with Click & Sign

Our interconnection network reaches over 150 countries SMS solutions

Hub services

As a communications operator member of the GSMA, provides a number of services in collaboration with other international operators.


Access our comprehensive, instant and two-way coverage in Twin countries.

International Transit carrier

Operator-oriented service to boost interconnection and improve service quality. With the very best customized assistance provided by

Gateway for companies with high SMS A2P and P2P traffic volume

We help to reduce interconnection workload. We have an expertise in SMPP, SS7, etc. settings and we customized black lists. P2P and A2P traffic.

Smart route

Decide the destination operator you want us to manage your traffic. Send those messages using a provider of your choice.

HLR services

HLR service checks on real time the operator and mobile number status (whether it exists or not and if active).

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What is an eSignature? 1/3
Eva Pané Eva Pané 19 May, 2020

What is an eSignature? 1/3

You have come to the right place, we are going to explain what an electronic signature is and in upcoming posts, how you can implement an electronic signature system for your personal or professional dealings.

Electronic voting simple, easy and fast
Irene Reullí Irene Reullí 31 March, 2020

Electronic voting simple, easy and fast

It is necessary to know how to distinguish between important and urgent things to achieve success in our daily lives.

8 March, International Women's Day
Irene Reullí Irene Reullí 6 March, 2020

8 March, International Women's Day

This year's theme chosen by UN Women for International Women's Day is: "I am generation equality. Realizing women's Rights". A hopeful motto that aims to end current gender based inequality.